E3 English Language Lab (ELL) Platform

  KITE ( Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education), Department of General Education, Government of Kerala, as part of ICT enabled education set up Hi-Tech classrooms and computer labs in schools. The state made use of these facilities and launched E3 English Language Lab (ELL) Platform (E-Cube refers to Enjoy, Enhance and Enrich) to augment the English language proficiency level of students. The three components of E-Cube English, viz., ELL, Samagra E-Library, and E-Broadcast provide personal experience to each student to listen, speak, read and write English in an integrated manner. The comprehensive interactive digital learning experience and the integrated formative assessment and feedback by teachers facilitate enhanced English competency to all...  More


E3 English Language Lab : ELL course content and activities enable students to put into practice the skills and knowledge they acquired in the classroom. ELL provides students personal experience to students in listening comprehension, oral expression, reading comprehension, constructing oral and written discourses and creative expression. These experience in the E- lab promote literacy skills of students in an enjoyable ambience

E3 English Language Lab

Digital multimedia activities to hone English Competency

( Download Offline Software File Size is 2.9 GB )


Digital Repository of grade specific E Books.


English Resources telecast on KITE VICTERS.

Samagra E-Library : E-Library is a repository of grade specific stories in the Samagra E-Library from grades 1 to 7. The stories are linked to the curriculum and teaching learning materials in terms of themes and learning outcomes. Themes/subthemes of the stories are in line with learner’s cognitive level, interest and experience of the learners

E-Broadcast : E-Broadcast consists of learner cantered, activity based and interactive English programmes screened on KITE VICTERS Channel. ‘E-cube Stories’ in the E-Broadcast contain a series story reading and story narration activities to promote students language competencies, critical thinking and creativity. Another interactive resource of E- Broadcast titled ‘Conversingly Yours’ aims to develop the conversational English, grammar and usage and academic communication skills of students

Impact Assessment Study of E3 English Language Lab

BASELINE STUDY REPORT : Government of Kerala entrusted Regional Institute of English, South India, Bangalore (RIESI) to study the impact of the implementation of ELL in schools. The study was conducted during August 2022 and the Baseline study has been submitted. Click here to download Report

MIDLINE STUDY REPORT: Midline study reports that majority (86%) of schools use E cube English Language Lab (ELL) between once in two weeks to once a month and are currently not generating student activity report cards - only 11% are able to use ELL weekly and are regular in generating student report cards. 3% of the sample schools are yet to implement ELL (though they had intended to), with the highest percentage of such schools being from Wayanad at 22%.
All the teachers agreed on the benefits of ELL in developing students' language skills, especially vocabulary and grammar. Several teachers also spoke about the positive impact ELL has been having on students. Click here to download Report

ENDLINE STUDY REPORT: Endline Study reports that it is evident that there has been a notable improvement for almost all the learning indicators in the implementation schools. At the district level, Kasargod has the most number of students (80%) with listening skills at Level 3, i.e. they are able to retain a majority or all of the details from the audio discourse. In terms of their reading skills, more students from the ELL-implementing schools in Kasargod and ELL Endline Study Report, RIESI and ITfC 14 Kollam can read the text fluently without any hesitation or mistakes than the students in the control schools for the two districts.
Teachers reported that parents who are aware of ELL implementation have had a positive response towards itSeveral teachers spoke about the positive impact ELL has been having on students. All the teachers agreed on the benefits of ELL in developing students' LSRW skills, especially vocabulary and grammar, and the overall interest towards English language. Click here to download Report

ELL in Economic Review 2022 of Govt of Kerala

KITE rolled out the FOSS based E-Cube English ELL project in March 2022, for enhancing the English language proficiency of students from classes 1 to 8, subsequent to the GO (Rt.) No.804/2020/G.Edn dated 17.02.2020. The E3 (E-Cube) stands for Enjoy, Enhance, and Enrich English, which will not only help students’ command of the language but also make learning more fun. The programme was launched on 11.03.2022 at Government Upper Primary School, Poojapura in Thiruvananthapuram Diistrict, by making use of the ICT equipment deployed as part of the Hi-Tech projects implemented by KITE earlier.




KITE, a Govt of Kerala Enterprise , developed a FOSS based, easy to adopt, free to use and deploy anywhere digital multimedia...

Scalability & Scope

The E3 (E-Cube) English ELL Software has proven its scalability factor in academic, technical and related indicators...

Approach for assessment

It can be installed in a single computer or in a LAN network,& can set a machine as a server and the rest of them as Client devices...


‘MGuru’,Digital Multimedia Content,E-Cube English Project,E-Cube English ELL,Testing and implementation..

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators of the Solution are Academic,Technical,General , curriculum and Learning ...

Organisational structure & Process flow

Organisational structure and Process Flow contain Users,Student,Teachers...

11 K


70 K

Trained Teachers

23 K

Training Hours

30 Lakhs





Replication and Scaling up of Platform to other Languages

  • Development of Digital Platform to other languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Sanskrit, Arabic and Urdu


Further Development for Scaling up ELL

  • RIESI conducted Endline Study and report Published
  • Initiated Scaling up of ELL to Grades 9 to 12
  • Initiated Integration of AI Machine Learning Process



Launch and Implementation in all Primary schools

  • March - Launched at Thiruvananthapuram
  • April - 70000 Primary Teachers trained
  • June - RIESI , Banglore conducted Baseline Study to know present English Proficency level of Students
  • June - Implemented in all Primary Schools

2021 -

Piloting , Testing and Revision

  • Piloted in 10 Schools in two districts involving Testers ,Teachers and Students
  • Peroformance , Quality and Functionality testing
  • Preparation of essential documentation - User Guide and Video tutorials


2020 -

Developing Stage

  • Development of Activities
  • Customization of MOODLE


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